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E/C stacks

These could quite possibly be the second most (I'll talk about the first, and the slight differences next) fat burners on the market today. E/C stands for the combination of ephedrine and caffeine.

You'll notice I've left off the "A" in ECA. This is because may of the supplements today don't contain aspirin, and for good reason. The aspirin has very little effect on fat metabolism, but can hurt your stomach by making it bleed.

You're better off to go with one without aspirin. There are many of these products on the market today, each one claiming to be the best. Each one contains a different additive and claims that it makes their product superior.

The most important fact to consider when choosing your fat burner is to make sure it contains about 25mg of ephedrine and 200mg of caffeine. These are the active ingredients, and this is what's going to give results.


    Importance: Optional
    Effectiveness: High
    Side Effects: None when used correctly

Norephedrine + Yohimbine + Caffeine Stacks

In my opinion, the combination of the top three is quite possibly the most powerful and safest fat burner on the market today. In studies, norephedrine has been shown to be one of the most powerful fat burning ephedra alkaloids.

When you buy a product that simply contains norephedrine, rather than the herb ephedra, you know that is the only alkaloid you are getting. Also, norephedrine doesn't cross the brain barrier as easily, so you don't feel as wired.

Yohimbine is the second major player in this stack. Yohimbine acts as an alpha-2 receptor blocker. This means that it blocks fat cells around your hips from growing, and can actually help transport this fat to be burnt. The three products out right now that I would recommend using are Lipo-Kinetix and AdipoKinetix by Syntrax, and MD-6 by Biotest.


    Importance: Optional
    Effectiveness: Highest
    Side Effects: None when used correctly


The main function of L-Carnitine is to transfer fatty acids into the cell's mitochondria where they can be burnt. L-Carnitine used to be real popular and touted as a great weight loss supplement because it is capable of doing this, however in the past years it's popularity has declined.

The reason is because to see results


    a. You need about 5 grams per day and
    b. When used alone results are minimal.

When combined with an E/C/A stack or the above, you will have better results.


    Importance: Optional
    Effectiveness: Low
    Side Effects: None

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium is another one of those supplements that was touted as breakthrough, only to fall short of its claims. Chromium is an essential mineral in which at least 75% of the country are deficient.

Its main purpose in the body is optimizing the production and use of insulin. The only way you are going to see results when using chromium is if you are deficient in it. If you are taking a vitamin and MRP you are probably getting enough chromium right now. If not, you may want to invest in some.


    Importance: Essential
    Effectiveness: Mediocre
    Side Effects: None


Ah, good old pyruvate. Once again, another supplement that fall's short of its claims. Pyruvate is made by the body and is used in the Krebs cycle to change ADP to ATP.

Pyruvate also enhances the transport of protein and glucose into muscle cells. So why doesn't it work you may ask? Well, pyruvate does work, but only in dosages of around 20 grams per day.

That means spending about 10 bucks per day on pyruvate alone. For that amount you'd be better off to save and get lipo-suction.


    Importance: Optional
    Effectiveness: None in low doses
    Side Effects: None


Guggulesterones come from the Commiphora Mukul herb and are a plant sterol with the ability to stimulate the thyroid gland to produce more hormones. When this is done, the body temperature will raise and so will its metabolism.

Oddly, when you take and E/C/A stack, your thyroid is suppressed. By taking a guggulesterone supplement you inhibit this, and burn fat faster with less muscle loss.

Make sure when you buy one that the contents inside the pill are a dark brown color (the yellowish contents are extracted using a inferior technique, and often yield very little guggulesterones). My favorite is GuggulBolic by Syntrax.


    Importance: Optional
    Effectiveness: High
    Side Effects: None


And there you have it, a complete run down of all the popular fat burners on the market today. Usually I don't make recommendations as far as brands go as long as you choose a reputable one, but this time I think I might just because I found this stack to be so powerful (if you read the message boards, you'll also notice that I've been pushing this for fat loss).

Lipo-Kinetix with GuggulBolic is by far the most powerful fat burner you can buy today.


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